My Brutal Digital Painting (Brutal Death Metal Artwork)

Devil Brain Viruses ColoringIf previously I always upload with art type manual, in this year I try to digital painting with dimension 50x50cm. And of course this is the first brutal painting I made with a pen tablet in photoshop. I’m still not used to this way, but I’m still learning to maximize my crazy imagination. Hail \m/


Rock Bridge (Skate Punk Skull Illustration)

Back to 2016 this is the final design layout to requestion one of clothing from East Jakarta. With a simple logo that I created and it is done completely with regular/traditional media is a marker and paper.

Phylanthopus (Brutal Death Metal Band From South Bandung, ID)

Phylanthopus - Intestinal Bestiality

One project Cover Art with two sick man members who remain consistent in extreme musick.

Freedom Merch From Makale Tana Toraja, ID


Freedom Merchindase is one of the local produce Clothing Lebel releases diverse underground scene like tshirt and other accessories with the design of their costumes. The intent of this tshirt release is one of the movement to unite their concern among the community with other communities to remain solid and deepen friendship. If in view of the character in this illustration we can know what the purpose of their produce. Until finally on 2015 I believed to make illustrations with simple but full of meaning and remain on the same medium with another illustration is marker and paper. Respect !

Tormentor from Garut, ID


This is a local Death Metal band from Garut Indonesia. In 2014 I made this illustration is then printed on the shirts and the official release by a local brand Sorrow Family.

Warior On Here (Art Print) | Raptorial Art


An illustration I’m trying to pack into art prints on A4 size paper. By using a single color on the green hair. And use the black and white option at the other in this illustration.

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Raptorial Artwork | Muhammad Kamil | Warior On Here


Alright. After 24 hours I was finally able to finish this one illustration. And this is an illustration of the previous posts are still in progress. This illustration is in the form of original drawings on paper maybe next I will try to pack in the form of art prints. after some parts have to pass through the editing phase and the other colors in photoshop.

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